Engineering a new global brand

Hydrobolt is a global market leader in the manufacture and supply of critical components for the oil and gas, nuclear, petro-chemical, power generation, defence and construction industries. The market for these components is a technical one and the products range from off-the-shelf to highly specialised and bespoke individual pieces.

Hydrobolt’s existing but well established logo looked dated and was in need of a revamp. It needed to build on the company’s engineering heritage and reflect its position as a modern, global, precision manufacturing group.

So we created a new design which retained the central elements of the existing logo to maintain a link to the past. But we took those elements and greatly simplified and redesigned them to create a modern, bold and more efficient design.

The new logo forms the core of the company’s new brand architecture, enabling us to create multiple distinctive product sub-brands and ultimately change Hydrobolt’s brand positioning.

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