James Ford

Managing Director

James founded JFD in 1990 and has headed up the agency ever since. He’s always worked in the design industry and, over the past thirty years, has built up a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience in all things creative.

James’s focus is on providing strategic direction – developing ideas and campaigns that realign brands. He takes a hands-on approach to JFD’s clients and spends a considerable amount of time out and about, listening, getting to know their businesses and building a real understanding of their objectives.

His aim is always to present clients with a vision of where they could get to; to help them to communicate better. And, whenever possible, to challenge them to a round of golf…As a result of this approach, over the years he’s built some long-lasting relationships with JFD’s clients and considers many of them friends. And likewise with his team, several of whom have worked with him at JFD since day one.